About Us

Our founder, Dr. Shawn Kari, DVM, has over 30 years of veterinary ultrasound and over 5 years of generalized veterinary practice experience.  

Dr. Kari has been practicing veterinary medicine in southern California since his graduation from Colorado State University in 1989 where he received both his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees.  In 1997 he founded VetImage, Inc., a mobile veterinary ultrasound business that currently services 300 hospitals in the southern california area.  

For many years, Dr. Kari has also provided individual ultrasound training for veterinarians and installations of ultrasound machines nationwide and in Canada.  He has instructed Basic Ultrasound, Advanced Doppler Echocardiography and Advanced Soft Tissue short courses for Sound Technologies in Carlsbad, CA and Arlington TX.  Dr. Kari has served as a Problem Based Learning Facilitator for Western University of the Health Sciences School of Veterinary Medicine located in Pomona, CA and is one the Veterinary preceptors accepting fourth year veterinary students for their 30 day externship rotations for Western University.  Currently, VetImage, Inc. strives to help your veterinarian provide next step advanced diagnostics for your pet.

Ultrasound gets images similar to those obtained via CT scan.  The only real clinical differences between ultrasound and CT scans are patients are moving with ultrasound because they are not anesthetized and artifacts occasionally get in the way with ultrasound, limiting results.  Ultrasound is much cheaper and less invasive than CT scans though.  For the most part, ultrasound is like doing surgery without a knife or cutting and often gets answers or tells what to do next in order to obtain definitive answers.